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Erotic massage is the pleasure that you will want to extend to the infinity.

The rapid pace of life of the metropolis leaves less and less time for rest. Stresses accumulate, the nerves reach their peak. What's next? Nervous breakdown, hospital bed and a handful of pills every day!

This is not your fate. The one who works hard must be able to rest properly, relaxing both the body and the mind. Our erotic massage parlor will help to achieve the state of absolute relaxation. Deli-cate touches of skilled masseuse will relieve nervous tension accumulated in the muscles, restore the reserves of vital energy, charge you with positive thinking and encourage achieving new goals.

More about the service

Erotic massage spb is a specific method of impact on the human body, where, unlike in the normal massage, almost no hands are involved. Professional masseuses, the appearance and figure of which pleasantly surprise the most demanding and sophisticated men, touch the body with the nose, lips, teeth, stomach, breasts, buttocks and even toes.

The client and the masseuse during the massage are completely naked. It allows the woman to af-fect all the parts of the man’s body without intimate penetration!

The advantages of erotic massage

The desire to experience sexual pleasure is natural. In pursuit of pleasure and "hot" feelings, men use the services of prostitutes or go to strip clubs.

Erotic massage in Saint Petersburg perfectly combines the advantages of both methods, excluding their drawbacks.

So, during the massage, the risk of getting any sexually transmitted disease equals zero. Employees of the salon do not engage in sexual contact with clients but it does not affect the level of the feel-ings they experience.

Erotic massage is performed by a beautiful girl with a refined figure. Aesthetically attractive ap-pearance, model look and absence of diseases - that is the characteristics of the masters of our salon.

The activity of the institution is legal. At the same time, the programs of erotic massage guarantee full privacy of the staying in the salon to the man, if it is necessary.

New salon of erotic massage is of the premium service

Hurry in order to experience the inexpressible feelings that will change your thoughts about the high-grade massage in our salon! The latest techniques, first-class professional masseuses, absolute cleanliness and full confidentiality! We will take you to the world of pleasure and realize your most exciting fantasies!