1 + 1 (1 erotic + 1 classic) massage, masseuse is completely naked, perform "Body massage" (body on body), full touch to the chest and buttocks, extra "Strawberry", shower with a girl at the end of the program, various imitations are applied (each masseuse has her own) 7 000 RUB 60 min

A session of erotic massage Strawberry-Strawberry will give you an unforgettable experience.

Relaxed, specially trained charming girl skillfully will begin your journey in strawberry heaven with the classic massage.

The benefits of massage

  • Improves muscle performance-you are less tired.
  • Strengthens the immune system-your health is much better.
  • Improves skin tone-even forget about the emerging problems.
  • Increases the production of endorphins, hormones of happiness-will be inspired again and again.


Classic massage has been known for a long time. During its carrying out girls diligently and tenderly influence all muscle groups, gradually warming up your body. All kinds of massage our girls spend Nude.

For strengthening of unforgettable and pleasant feelings beauties will pass to Aqua-gel massage.

Aqua gel

Under the warm jets of water, not missing a single centimeter of skin, sorceress gently lathered you. Eyes closed, you will only be known when the hands are used, and when the elastic chest and buttocks. Gel between the bodies of untold enhances all of the senses.

What's next

When you are completely relax kudesnitsa perform erotic massage. His birthplace, the East. This type of massage refers us to the secrets of Kama Sutra. When the pleasure reaches its peak, You can be sure that your mutual touch will be desirable. Girls with pleasure not only will present pleasure, but also will respond to your caress. You will know what real euphoria is!

"Cherry" on the cake

During the program, the temptress will decorate the whole process with strawberry, giving the completion of the session.

You can't even imagine what you can do with a strawberry in search of pleasure.

Dream and enjoy fantasy with our girls.

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