How to relieve stress with an erotic massage in the veneziaspa salon

Venezia VIP(4 hands)
Aqua massage gel in the shower + Sakura branch + classic massage 4 hands + Erotic massage 4 hands + lingam massage + bathers girl massage in the jacuzzi + VIP room + mutual touches + girl in lingerie, stockings and shoes + peep show + french kiss + strawberry + double relax + hot oranges massege or stone terapy + taking a shower with girls begore and after massage + talking with girls 20 000 RUB 150 min

A difficult day, a busy schedule, the anger of the chief, the talentless subordinates - all this has accumulated in one lump. Stand in traffic and think: "That would be now in a sauna and then a relaxing massage soft hands!"And remember that your friend recently advised a wonderful Spa, where experienced and charming masseuse doing miracles and brought back to life with the help of erotic massage, and it's inexpensive. Finding a card in your wallet, you call the number specified in the card. In response, You hear a pleasant, languid female voice, which you already played out a fantasy, and really wanted to relax.

The receptionist very competently and unobtrusively asked questions that are not strained, and even a little toned and evoked a desire to go in this Spa salon.

"Did you want a massage with gel or aromatic oils? What type of woman do you prefer not to cause you negative feelings? What type of female figure does not cause you dislike? Would you like one masseuse or prefer a four-handed massage? What drinks would you like to order?"Such questions promise pleasant evening, relaxation and pleasure as in them care and attention, knowledge and concept of a man's soul and imagination is felt. And the name of the procedure sounded very promising – Venezia. Isn't this the nice bonus at the end of a crazy day?

Erotic massage salon with a convenient location, very professional staff, knowledge and understanding of male psychology - this is exactly what every man deserves. The list of services in the salon VeneziaSpa is very diverse, and will satisfy any needs. We look forward and we will be glad to You at any time. We are located in the Central part of the city and we can have a good time while the rest are in traffic jams.

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