Unforgettable emotions gives erotic massage

Carnevale - Carnival (4 hands)
Traditional + erotic + Lingam massage + sukura branch + aqua-gel massage in a shower + mutual touches + double relax + girl in lingerie, stockings and shoes + undress a girl + foot massage + hot oranges massage or stone therapy + taking a shower with girls begore and after massage + talking with girls + VIP zone 16 000 RUB 120 min

The procedure of erotic massage is a complex of actions directed on reception by the client of unearthly pleasure. In such a procedure includes:

  • classic and erotic massage;
  • massage of the lingam;
  • hot orange massage/stone therapy;
  • foot massage;
  • Aqua-gel massage in the shower;
  • mutual touch.

How is the procedure of massage

The procedure is carried out by an attractive girl in sexy underwear, stockings and high-heeled shoes. You can undress each other and exchange mutual caresses. Then you go to the disposal of your masseuse, she will make a reality of all your wildest fantasies.

The main stages of the massage:

  • general relaxation;
  • stimulation of erogenous zones that do not include the genitals;
  • stimulation of the genitals;
  • discharge, onset of orgasm.

Who is shown erotic massage

Erotic massage is aimed not only at getting pleasure. It can also have a therapeutic effect. This procedure helps to improve the state of men's health, leads to normal nervous and immune system, improves functioning of internal organs. Erotic massage is one of the most effective ways to relieve tension, increase your self-esteem and libido, raise your sexual health to a new level. In addition, this procedure revives the client's sexual potential, promotes the strengthening of male power. Stimulation of active points on the penis, favorably affects all the major systems of the body.

After the procedure of erotic massage you will feel incredible freedom, a sense of long-awaited satisfaction and peace of mind. Feel the full range of emotions from complete relaxation to eager and euphoric orgasm.

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