Erotic massage-the way to the heights of pleasure

Сulminante - Culmination
2 + 1 (2 erotic + 1 classic) massage, held in VIP area, masseuse is completely naked, perform "Body massage" (body on body), full touch to the chest and buttocks, relaxation in the sauna and jacuzzi with a girl, additional "French kiss" or "Lingam" (optional), additional "Peep show", additional "Aqua massage", shower with a girl before and after the program, various imitations are applied (each masseuse has her own) 13 000 RUB 120 min

It is no secret that erotic satisfaction consists of separate parts: the situation, the appearance of a naked body, smells, sounds, touches. When all the pieces come together, achieved the peak of pleasure. Masters of erotic massage try to keep the balance of parts, making a lot of effort to meet each client.

The refined interior imitating boudoirs of an era of Baroque creates the atmosphere of luxury and relaxation, inclines to erotic imaginations and caress. Masseuses know the secrets of the satisfaction of men, reverent attitude to his dignity and pride. Gradually untwisting the spring of pleasure, they increase the amplitude and intensity of movement, raising the client to the top of bliss and leading to the peak of pleasure.

The secrets of erotic massage

In the course are different tricks, from the imitation of the kiss of the precious to the caresses of the girl herself. Seductress within 95 minutes supports the degree of passion and desire, it becomes an unattainable dream and then is coming close, giving an unforgettable experience. Paying for a session, the client receives the dream is almost in your hands.

The pleasure of the visitors is placed by the employees of the salon above all else, and the climax is mandatory for any session. Erotic massage is not only pleasant, but also useful for the body, preventing age-related diseases and preventing the stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs.

The peak of pleasure in the hands of our masseuses will be remembered for a long time and will make you our regular customer.

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