Erotic massage with mutual impact

Celentano - Celentano
1 + 1 (1 erotic + 1 classic) massage, masseuse is completely naked, perform "Body massage" (body on body), full touch to the chest and buttocks, additional "French kiss", shower with a girl at the end of the program, various imitations are applied (each masseuse has her own) 6 000 RUB 60 min

In a sense, erotic massage can be considered the culmination of the art of sports or regular massage. In regular or sportive massage, the therapist focuses on muscle relaxation and body regeneration, while our masseuses rejuvenate the whole body and soul, relieve you of accumulated stress, stimulate your libido, restore your spiritual and masculine strength, and soothe you. In some cases, a session of erotic massage can also be used for therapeutic purposes. Targeted stimulation of certain parts of the human body provides relaxation, promotes blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, enhances immunity and increases body flexibility. Massage can even help to eliminate some problems, like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc And if the body feels good, so you can easily cope with stress and fatigue, erotic massage can promote benign sleep and has an antidepressant effect.

Mutual erotic massage is a combination of different specialized methods of massage and sensual erotic movements. During the event, customers can take an active part in the process, not only enjoy new sensations and emotions, but also share them. To reciprocate, giving all the sensuality they buy.

Experienced masseuses of our salon will be your personal guide to the country of new sexual sensations and sensuality, which will eventually lead you to ecstasy.

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