2 + 1 (2 erotic + 1 classic) massage, masseuse is completely naked, perform "Body massage" (body on body), full touch to the chest and buttocks, additional "French kiss" or "Lingam" (optional), shower with a girl at the end of the program, various imitations are applied (each masseuse has her own) 9 000 RUB 90 min

Our erotic massages are a combination of sensual movements and methods with treatments. The gradual removal of stress and tension, the growing awareness of your body, the increasing pace of gentle touches of masseuses, may eventually lead to satisfaction, which, in addition, will stimulate you to new exploits. Of course, this culmination can be achieved without any additional costs. Such pleasure will release the energy flowing through your body, will present enlightenment of mind, will increase your sexuality, will excite you, and you will become more courageous in the sexual imaginations.

Erotic massage sessions, in addition to just enjoying can also help in the treatment of various sexual health problems. The main difference between normal and erotic massage is the focus area. Masseuses of our salon affect your most sensitive points than cause sexual arousal.

At the session of erotic massage Belissimo you can enjoy new sensations and share them with our masseuses. The cost of an hour treatment includes mutual touches and even kisses. If you have not had intimacy for a long time, erotic massage will be an excellent panacea for you, awakening in you a craving for new sexual exploits.

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