Doppio relax erotic massage - double the fun

Doppio relax
2 + 1 (2 erotic + 1 classic) massage, masseuse is completely naked, perform "Body massage" (body on body), full touch to the chest and buttocks, shower with a girl at the end of the program, various imitations are applied (each masseuse has her own) 7 000 RUB 80 min

In the modern world, when the road every minute, our sessions of erotic massage you get the most pleasure.

You will choose a masseuse. All girls in our salon are very beautiful, helpful and dream to give pleasure to clients.

The secret of double pleasure

Girls will make for you and together with you

  • Aqua-gel massage
  • classical massage
  • erotic massage
  • double relaxation
  • mutual touch
  • massage of the Lingam

Open the veil of secrecy

The interior of our salon is made in the Byzantine style, which immediately takes you into the atmosphere of sensuality and pleasure.

Our magicians are very skillful. Before you can begin to meet customers, they receive training from experienced mentors.

Beauties will help you fully relax and get unforgettable pleasure.

All types of massage of the girl spend naked.

During classical massage, your muscles will go down in tone.

Aqua-gel massage allows you to play with a new force of each cell of your body.

Erotic massage will awaken your imagination. And with gratitude and pleasure taken by the mutual contact will allow you to raise the height of your sensuality.

Lingam - the wand of light

Massage Lingam is the tantric form of erotic massage. Still ancient Chinese noticed that on a penis at men the set of the points responsible for men's force and the General condition of all organism is located. Lingam massage is necessary for you to fully relax, feel the strength and beauty of your rod.

During this massage, the penis is richly lubricated with moisturizing oil and very gently massaged, without missing any important point.

Our charmers will allow you to experience the depth and charm of the secret rituals of the East.

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