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A Premium Class Spa Salon

The most beautiful girls at Venezia Spa

Welcome to a premium class spa salon, Venezia Spa (Venice Spa). At our salons, we focus not on quantity, but on the quality of our service. And of course, the quality begins with our girls. All of our masseuses and administrators are current or former models or simply girls with the exceptional appearance. All of them are similarly young, slender, and beautiful. To become a masseuse girl at Venezia Spa, they have to pass through a strict selection and rigorous training in different types of massage. Our girls can perform not only the erotic massage and traditional massage, but also Thai, sakura branch, massage with hot oranges, and other types of massage. At our salon, you select masseuses from a live lineup, not by photos.

The best erotic massage at Venezia Spa downtown St. Petersburg

Our exquisite interiors are decorated in the style of the late Italian baroque. Beautiful decor will help you rest and relax better or spend quality time with friends. You may visit Venezia Spa at two convenient locations. Venezia at Griboyedova is located in the historic downtown of St. Petersburg on the embankment of kanal Griboedova (corner of Gorokhovaya Street) in one of the most scenic places of the city. Venezia Spa at Petrogradsky located at the intersection of Oraniyenbaumskaya st. by the Emporio Armani boutique and Petrovsky Stadium. We guarantee the privacy of our customers. Our personnel is trained not to discuss clients. By request, we also offer hookah and food delivery to the room. Venezia Spa staff is ready to fulfill your every desire!

The Massage Experience

The best interiors at Venezia Spa

A visit to our salon begins with choosing a girl or girls. You can stay at the reception or go straight to one of the rooms or VIP areas for privacy. The administrator will offer you a complimentary "Casanova" cocktail, tea or coffee. Our girls will come out in evening gowns and perform a private fashion show for you. You select the girl you like.

The administrator will escort you to a room, where you will be able to take a shower before the massage. Next, most importantly, the girl (or girls) perform an erotic massage session that you selected. Our masseuses do massages completely nude. First, they massage every muscle of your back and legs. When your body and muscles are relaxed enough, young mistresses proceed to the second part. With their firm bodies, they touch and slide across your body, giving you unforgettable feelings. With their hands, they massage those places that evoke the most vivid sensations. They repeat caressing you, until your body reaches the complete relaxation. At the end of the massage, you can once again take a shower. The girl will offer to help you in the shower. After the massage, you will feel completely rested and relaxed, ready for the next day's important tasks.

At Venezia Spa, we only use organic grape seed massage oil, which is almost odorless. Optionally, you can order a massage without oil. Ask for the "Incognito" program. Also, you can extend the masseuse for another hour or order additional services by request. Depending on the time, we often provide complimentary extra services. The service of the day is shown on our homepage. You can also stay in the room or a VIP area after the massage.

A Word from the Manager

The best erotic massage parlor in St. Petersburg

Welcome to our salon. I'm Catherine, the manager of spa salon Venezia. Back when I worked in the modeling industry, I noticed that many girls were expressing the desire to meet interesting people. Unfortunately, often at events, models have to spend most of the time in the makeup room and on the runway. That's how the idea of establishing a premium class salon, where an erotic massage is performed by girls, who are former or current models, was first originated. But even among the women with fashion model looks, we hire far from all of them. We require our masseuses to be friendly, pleasant to talk with, and most importantly, have the desire to give people pleasure. I hope you will be delighted by visiting our salon. Our girls are waiting for you!